Hotel Stupka ***

Tále 100
977 01 Tále

10.9 km from Nízke Tatry center

Tel: 048-6170060
Fax: 048-620629

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Hotel Stupka

Description of Hotel Stupka in Tále is currently not available.
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  • Rooms with bathrooms available
  • Telephones in rooms available
  • Rooms with radios available
  • Rooms with TV sets available
  • Air conditioning in rooms available
  • Exchange office available
  • Credit cards accepted available
  • Restaurant available
  • Coffee shop available
  • Lounge/Wine bar available
  • Garden restaurant available
  • Night club available
  • Casino not available
  • Safe at disposal available
  • Disabled access not available
  • Laundry not available
  • Garage or parking not available
  • Internet access (wifi) not available
  • Pets welcome available
  • Hotel bus available
  • Car rental not available
  • Sports equipment rental available
  • Sports ground available
  • Indoor swimming pool available
  • Outdoor swimming pool not available
  • Sauna available
  • Fitness centre available
  • Ski lift nearby available

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