Hotel Avion

Ivánska cesta 15
821 04 Bratislava

5.4 km from Bratislava center

Tel: 02-43292206
Fax: 02-43426912

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Prices from* €24

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Hotel Avion

Hotel Avion is one of the cheaper accommodation services. It is suitable mainly for the purpose of transit acccommodation, student trips, short term business travel, etc. It is situated near a motorway and Bratislava airport. Big shopping centres are nearby.


  • Rooms with bathrooms available
  • Telephones in rooms not available
  • Rooms with radios not available
  • Rooms with TV sets not available
  • Air conditioning in rooms not available
  • Exchange office not available
  • Credit cards accepted not available
  • Restaurant available
  • Coffee shop available
  • Lounge/Wine bar not available
  • Garden restaurant not available
  • Night club not available
  • Casino not available
  • Safe at disposal not available
  • Disabled access not available
  • Laundry not available
  • Garage or parking not available
  • Internet access (wifi) not available
  • Pets welcome not available
  • Hotel bus not available
  • Car rental available
  • Sports equipment rental available
  • Sports ground available
  • Indoor swimming pool not available
  • Outdoor swimming pool available
  • Sauna not available
  • Fitness centre not available
  • Ski lift nearby not available

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