Cottages in Bardejov, Slovakia

About Bardejov

Bardejov is a historical town in North East Slovakia. It is one of the best preserved ancient towns in the country.

Its population is 34 000. Main industry in the town is tourism and shoe production.

Nearby towns are Stará Ľubovňa, Svidník, Giraltovce, and Prešov.

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2 cottages in Bardejov

Accommodation in Bardejov
  1. Horská chata Koliba

    • Hertník 162, Hertník
    • 10.1 km from Bardejov center
    Horská chata Koliba, Hertník
    Price guide:*
  2. Chata Hubert

    • Cíge3ka, Gaboltov
    • 12.5 km from Bardejov center
    Chata Hubert, Gaboltov
    Price guide:*

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