Accommodation in Hurbanovo, Slovakia

About Hurbanovo

Hurbanovo is a small town with 8000 inhabitans, situated in South Slovakia between Nové Zámky and Komárno.

The town is most famous for its brewery (now part of Heineken Group) and its original beer Zlatý Bažant, Slovakia's best export beer.

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3 accommodation services in Hurbanovo

Accommodation in Hurbanovo
  1. Domov mládeže SOUP

    • 1. maja 1, Hurbanovo
    • 0.2 km from Hurbanovo center
    Domov mládeže SOUP, Hurbanovo
    Price guide:*
  2. Hotel Panónia *

    • Železniená 34, Hurbanovo
    • 0 km from Hurbanovo center
    Hotel Panónia, Hurbanovo
    Price guide:*
  3. Hotel Starý Orech **

    • Novozámocká 102, Hurbanovo
    • 1.5 km from Hurbanovo center
    Hotel Starý Orech, Hurbanovo
    Price guide:*
    from €20

* Prices are shown as a rough guideline and cannot be relied on or considered to be true and definite.

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