Campsites in Nízke Tatry, Slovakia

About Nízke Tatry

Nízke Tatry (The Low Tatra Mountains) is Slovakia's second most popular mountain range (after the High Tatra Mountains).

The main ridge is 80 km (50 miles) long. The highest peak Ďumbier is 2042 m (6810 ft) above the sea level.

Nízke Tatry is a popular holiday destination - great for summer hikes and perfect for winter skiing.

Brezno, Podbrezová, Liptovský Mikuláš and Liptovský Hrádok are nearest towns.

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2 campsites in Nízke Tatry

Accommodation in Nízke Tatry
  1. Campsite

    • Jasná, Demänovská Dolina
    • 1.3 km from Nízke Tatry center
    Campsite, Demänovská Dolina
    Price guide:*
  2. Motel and Campsite Tale

    • Tále 114, Tále
    • 10.9 km from Nízke Tatry center
    Motel and Campsite Tale, Tále
    Price guide:*

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